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Media Impact Ltd. was launched in 2007 as a new-breed marketing company powered by big ideas. Since then, our commitment has been to conceptualise unique and advanced marketing methods that will build brand equity. We are experts in Consumer Action Theory (CAT). We strive to enhance market exposure and provide unmatched customer satisfaction to our clients, ultimately leading to significant and sustainable advantages in the marketplace.

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Our Marketing Strategies include:
  • Customised Promotional Items
  • Innovative Marketing Campaigns
  • Strategic Planning & Specialised Branding
  • Marketing Action Plans

Media Impact Ltd. is powered by the employees that it nests. Our employees are proficient and knowledgeable professionals who will design research-driven marketing plans that offer the greatest yield.

Our customised services anchor you to fine marketing solutions that will boost your business and promote your company. We assure exemplary results and top-quality services.

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